The study will describe alternative new tests, including Accelr8’s BACcel rapid diagnostic system, to identify an important new type of antibiotic resistance expressed by ‘Staph’ bacteria and standard culturing methods are unable to detect this new type of resistance, abbreviated as ‘hVISA.’

Unlike other methods, the BACcel system eliminates the need for prior culturing, thereby reporting results on the same day rather than the 2-3 days required by culturing methods.

The new BACcel test for hVISA joins tests for other resistance types intended to be performed at the same time on the same patient specimen.

Accelr8 president David Howson said the new presentation gives the large international community a close look at the BACcel system concept and its performance.

"The new test may help investigators perform more definitive clinical studies to assess the spread of this emerging new threat," Howson said.