Under the terms of the agreement, SurgiCor will have leadership responsibility for representing Abyrx’s products in a regional territory and for aggregating additional orthopedic and spine distributors throughout the US.

Abyrx and SurgiCor will use the Kairuku platform to organize a variable commissioning structure for SurgiCor and its affiliate distribution representatives and to track product utilization at the point-of-care to ensure accurate and timely reporting of sales and compensation.

Abyrx will use Kairuku to seamlessly integrate SurgiCor’s representatives and their affiliate partners into Abyrx’s existing distribution network, which currently comprises several hundred cardiac, craniomaxillofacial, and spine representatives.

Abyrx will maintain responsibility for its own product training and payment of compensation owed to SurgiCor and its partners.

Abyrx president and CEO John J Pacifico the current frictional dynamics that exist for new product launches to hospitals, particularly within the biosurgical products marketplace, required us to rethink the traditional distribution model and create new solutions to enable Abyrx to access and service operating rooms across surgical specialties.

"Abyrx’s partnership with SurgiCor and our use of the Kairuku Platform will enable us to quickly aggregate orthopedic and spine distributors throughout the United States and drive widespread adoption of Abyrx’s hemostatic bone putties and pipeline products in millions of surgical procedures performed each year," Pacifico added.

To further support the uptake of AHBP, Hemasorb, Hemasorb Apply, and Hemasorb Plus among surgeons, Abyrx’s professional account liaison team members will continue to use the Kairuku Platform to recruit and partner with leading independent product representatives throughout the US.