Abviva said that the Mammastatin technology continues to increase its protection as evidenced by the grant of patents around its core technology.

Reportedly, in recent months, the Japanese Patent Office had issued two patents for the Mammastatin technology, and the expected Canadian patent helps to protect the technology when it begins international expansion.

Mammastatin is a growth inhibitory protein discovered at the University of Michigan Cancer Center that demonstrated anti-breast cancer properties.

The discovery of Mammastatin was developed into a simple breast cancer diagnostic blood test which demonstrated that healthy women will have high or normal levels of the protein and women with breast cancer have no detectable or very low levels of the protein.

Abviva intends to commercialise the Mammastatin Serum Assay as a reference test through its wholly owned subsidiary laboratory under CLIA certification.

Barrett Evans, CEO of Abviva, said: “The company is very pleased with this notice of patent to be granted and believes that the issuance of the many patents will allow Abviva to expand internationally in years to come.”