Dr. Krieger is currently in private practice in Beverly Hills, California. His expertise with Avery breathing pacemakers began in 1981 while he was chief of Neurological Surgery at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Based on that first experience, Dr. Krieger went on to pioneer the reinnervation of the diaphragm through the use of intercostal to phrenic nerve grafts. He reported the first successful use of the technique in Neurosurgery in October, 1994. As a visiting professor, Dr. Krieger has traveled extensively around the world attending grand rounds and assisting other physicians in the development of their local diaphragm pacing programs.

Linda Towler, chief executive officer, states, We are honored to have Dr. Krieger join our team. His experience and expertise will be an invaluable addition to the future growth of ABD.