The company claims that the TECNIS Symfony lens provides patients a continuous range of vision including far, intermediate and near distances with reduced incidence of halo and glare comparable to a monofocal lens.

Abbott’s Tecnis Symfony IOL is currently not approved for use in the US.

Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg Department of Ophthalmology chairman Gerd Auffarth said: "The TECNIS Symfony Extended Range of Vision IOL enables physicians to offer patients a continuous range of functional vision for far, intermediate and near distances, with reduced risk of undesired halos or glare."

TECNIS Symfony is designed to be placed in the lens capsule of the eye to replace the natural crystalline lens that has been removed because of a cataract.

Abbott claims that it is the first and only presbyopia-correcting extended range of vision IOL designed to provide patients increased independence from eyeglasses and quality vision over a continuous range of distance including far, intermediate and near.

The company has initiated a study in Europe to evaluate patients’ quality of vision at far, intermediate and near distances after being implanted in both eyes with the TECNIS Symfony extended range of vision IOL.

The 150-patient study will also evaluate both patient and surgeon satisfaction. Preliminary results of the study are expected later 2014.

Abbott is also conducting a post-market observational study with approximately 400 patients across Europe, including the UK, France, Germany and Spain. Results of the post-market observational study are expected at the end of 2014.