The new system is said to incorporate Alinity hq standalone hematology analyzer with the Alinity hs slide maker and stainer module to form a combined solution.

Alinity h-series system incorporates separated workstations into a single compact platform and allows laboratories to integrate the system modules as per the specific needs.

The integrated Alinity h-series system includes advanced iconography, color coding and reporting features.

In addition, the systems use a common method for sample loading and reagent management, helping operators to be trained across platforms.

Abbott diagnostics products executive vice president Brian Blaser said: "Today's hematology laboratories are challenged to perform more tests while reducing errors and operating costs.

"With built-in simplicity designed specifically for hematology testing, the Alinity h-series is smaller, faster, and more automated than current systems, incorporating advanced features that allow health care professionals to spend less time managing the process of producing results and more time helping patients."

Abbott hematology research and development divisional vice president Wade Bolton said: "The Alinity h-series is designed around feedback and insights specifically gathered from hematology customers. System uptime and results accuracy are two examples of high priority needs for high-volume laboratories.”

In July 2017, Abbott collaborated with Bigfoot Biomedical to develop and commercialize advanced diabetes management systems.

As per terms of the deal, Abbott will integrate its FreeStyle Libre glucose sensing technology with Bigfoot's insulin delivery solutions in the US.

Bigfoot will engage in the development and commercialization of multiple systems by using Abbott's FreeStyle Libre sensor technology.

Image: Alinity h-series integrated hematology system. Photo: courtesy of Abbott.