Anthony Doina, VP for the APAC region, CUNO, said: “We are aware of the stringent regulatory norms that have to be complied with by the pharmaceutical and bioprocess industries and have designed our Validation Support Services program to meet these needs. CUNO Validation Support Services streamlines filter regulatory compliance resulting in large savings in costs and time”.

The 5000 square feet lab has dedicated areas for Filter integrity and compatibility testing, Application Process development, Microbiology and Bacterial Retention testing with a separate lab to handle Cytotoxic drugs. The lab will have technical experts and scientists to conduct filter sizing studies, Filterability and Compatibility tests and Filter Validation Services. The service team in the filtration field will be supported by R&D and technical teams in the APAC region and the US – – as reported in

Ramesh Ramadurai, Director, Industrial Business, said: “We see a huge opportunity for our products and services in India. Filtration is one of the core processes in the manufacture of drugs. The need for filtration in the healthcare industry is estimated at nearly $3 billion worldwide, and filtration markets are currently growing at a rate of 7 to 8 % annually.”