3M claims the repositionable tape is easy to use and satisfies a long-unmet need for clinicians seeking reliable adhesion and gentle, atraumatic removal, minimizing the likelihood of tape-related skin injury.

In a 11-day repeat application study, ‘Adhesive Tape Trauma Evaluation of Two Gentle Tapes in Healthy Human Subjects,’ Gary Grove, lead study investigator and vice president of cyberDERM Clinical Studies in Broomall, and colleagues measured the gentleness of the Kind Removal Silicone Tape versus a commonly used control tape by assessing the degree of skin damage using various methods.

3M Kind Removal Silicone Tape was shown to cause significantly less damage than the comparison tape to the skin of the healthy volunteers.

3M Skin & Wound Care Division president Paul Keel said they have a large portfolio designed to support healthcare professionals in protecting skin integrity, and this innovative technology will bring the whole suite of 3M skin and wound care solutions into the next generation for optimal patient comfort and care.

3M Kind Removal Silicone Tape will be available throughout the US beginning 22 June 2011.