Accuray’s treatment planning service is designed to help customers maximize utilization of their CyberKnife System. The service connects each center’s physics team to a group of remote medical physics experts who specialize in CyberKnife radiosurgery treatment planning. It can serve as a supplement for centers that require additional support to meet growing patient volumes without increasing their fixed costs. Each center can immediately take advantage of added capacity to treat more patients without altering their own staffing.

It also can serve as a contingency plan to help protect sites from unplanned fluctuations in staffing that they may face in a given year. By providing a pathway for collaboration with expert physicists, new customers can gain confidence, share knowledge, and begin delivering more complex CyberKnife treatments faster.

“In these challenging economic times, we recognize the importance of offering our customers resources that help them control costs and increase their patient throughput,” said Euan S. Thomson, president and CEO of Accuray. “We are pleased to see that a number of our customers are taking advantage of our treatment planning service as a tool to grow and run their business more efficiently.”

Of the US Centers that have signed on to utilize Accuray’s treatment planning service, 30% have signed agreements for a fixed volume of use and the remainder are set up for service on demand.

The treatment planning service also offers specialized remote access capabilities, which enable physicians located outside of the CyberKnife facility a convenient mechanism to refer and plan their patients without having to drive to the facility. This convenience allows clinicians to seamlessly collaborate with the on-site staff thereby reducing the planning cycle time and enhancing the operational effectiveness of the planning process.