Precision ADM has acquired Roswell Downhole Technologies, a Canadian manufacturer of advanced melt-blown fabric for medical filtration applications, for an undisclosed amount.

Established in 2016, Roswell Downhole Technologies, also known as Roswell DHT, specialises in manufacturing Tubing Encapsulated Cable (TEC).

TEC is an important component in the down-hole monitoring system, providing power transmission from the surface to the down-hole system, and transmitting data back to the surface.

With the acquisition, both companies will jointly manufacture 100% compostable nonwoven fabrics using sustainably sourced biopolymers, for the first time in Canada.

The new compostable nonwoven fabrics are intended for use in personal protective equipment (PPE) production domestically and export to global manufacturers.

Roswell DHT president Kyle Fiolka said: “Precision ADM has a horizon of projects that are complimented by Roswell’s nonwoven technologies, specifically the compostable media that we have been developing over the last year.

“This synergy will further strengthen and support our shared vision for innovation and pave the way in building a fully integrated, secure, domestic, and most importantly green supply chain for PPE.”

Both companies aim to operate a non-woven manufacturing plant in Calgary, Alberta, and scale up a manufacturing plant in Winnipeg, Manitoba, by October 2021.

The plants will manufacture a full suite of compostable surgical medical masks, gowns, and other necessary medical PPE, air and water filtration, and personal hygiene products.

The investment is expected to create up to 350 new direct jobs in the Prairie region and will have a new economic export impact of around $2bn within the next ten years.

Precision ADM is a medical device firm that uses additive manufacturing technology to produce devices for the medical, aerospace, defence, energy, and industrial sectors.

Precision ADM chief executive officer Martin Petrak said: “As a company, we have responded to COVID-19 by developing and manufacturing the highest quality and most cost-effective medical equipment in our country’s time of need.

“By coming together with Roswell DHT to develop cutting-edge, 100% compostable medical PPE such as masks and respirators, we will better serve Canada and emerge even stronger beyond the pandemic while reducing our carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout our product life cycle.”