Japan-based Olympus has acquired French orthopaedics company FH ORTHO to expand its presence in the orthopaedic minimally invasive surgery (MIS) field.

Based in Heimsbrunn, FH ORTHO is engaged in the development and manufacturing of orthopaedic devices and instruments for surgeons across the world.

Established in 1964, FH ORTHO markets its products for use in joint reconstruction, ligament repair, biologics, foot and ankle and trauma surgery.

With presence in more than 37 countries, FH ORTHO has research and development (R&D) operations and a factory in Quimper.

FH ORTHO CEO Jean-Marc Idier said: “The FH ORTHO team very positively welcomes the arrival of Olympus as a recognition of our ongoing efforts and past accomplishments, whilst providing us with new means to accelerate the next phase of our international expansion.”

The acquisition of FH ORTHO will enable Olympus to build on its portfolio of patient-focused solutions that are used in MIS procedures in ligament repair, foot and ankle, and trauma surgery.

In Japan, Olympus Terumo Biomaterials, a joint venture of Olympus, distributes products such as bone substitutes and high tibial osteotomy (HTO) plates and screws.

Olympus to market FH ORTHO key products in Japan

The acquisition will also help Olympus to expand the supply of its orthopaedic products through FH ORTHO’s existing distribution channels, as well as market certain FH ORTHO major products in Japan.

Olympus global new business development senior vice president Toshihiko Okubo said: “We are pleased to integrate FH ORTHO’s product portfolio, market reach and talented people to our orthopedics business.

“By combining FH ORTHO’s expertise and its excellent business presence with our products and solutions for the minimally invasive orthopedics surgery, the benefit of our offer to the patients and healthcare professionals will be further enhanced across the world.”

In August, Olympus signed an agreement to acquire Norgine subsidiary Arc Medical Design for an undisclosed sum.