Misonix has completed the acquisition of regenerative medical company Solsys Medical in an all-stock transaction valued at around $109m (£88.6m).

Solsys Medical sells an advanced wound care product under the brand name, TheraSkin, which will help healthcare professionals treat difficult-to-heal chronic wounds.

The deal included the issuance of around 5.7 million new shares to former Solsys unitholders. Misonix shareholders currently own around 64% of the combined entity, while former Solsys unitholders own about 36%.

Solsys Medical is a wound healing company that markets Theraskin human bioactive split thickness skin allograft

TheraSkin is an all human bioactive split thickness skin allograft with living cells, growth factors, and a native extracellular matrix. It vascularises to develop granulation tissue and enhances epithelialisation to close wounds.

TheraSkin is composed of all relevant human biological components needed to close and replace damaged skin in hard-to-heal wounds.

TheraSkin is said to be more complementary to Misonix’s SonicOne wound debridement solution.

Misonix president and CEO Stavros Vizirgianakis said: “Over the last two years, we have actively managed our business to best position Misonix for the future with the goal of delivering world-class solutions clinically proven to improve patient outcomes, while creating new value for our healthcare partners and shareholders.

“The addition of Solsys to our product portfolio addresses these strategic objectives as it further advances our revenue and competitive position by substantially broadening Misonix’s addressable market through wound care solutions that are complementary to our existing products.”

Misonix is involved in the designing, manufacturing and marketing ofultrasonic medical devices for the precise removal of hard and soft tissue, including bone removal, wound debridement and ultrasonic aspiration.

In June this year, Misonix secured 10(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its ultrasonic surgical platform Nexus. Nexus is an advanced, integrated ultrasonic surgical platform designed to integrate all the features of Misonix’s existing solutions.