Orthopaedic solutions provider Intech has agreed to acquire France-based medical devices maker Coulot Decolletage for an undisclosed sum.

Established in 1985, Coulot Decolletage is involved in the manufacturing of complex implants and medical prostheses for spine, extremity and trauma segments of the orthopaedic market.

Coulot also provides additive manufacturing services to support its medical device customers for 3D printing designs.

The acquisition of Coulot will enable Intech to expand its expertise into the machining and additive manufacturing of high-precision medical implants for the spine, extremity, and trauma segments.

The transaction is said to mark the first acquisition following Montagu’s recent investment in Intech.

Coulot Decolletage general manager Bruno Coulot said: “We are excited to become a part of Intech Group. Delivering best-in-class customer service and helping patients get taken care of is what we are about. It’s exciting that the partnership with Intech allows us to do what we do on a much larger scale.”

In recent years, a series of major investments were made by Coulot Decolletage for the development of advanced processes.

The company has established a vertically integrated facility for the manufacturing of various implants ranging from titanium nails, plates and screws to PEEK and 3D-printed cages.

In fiscal year 2021, the newly consolidated group is expected to report more than $150m in revenue.

Intech president and CEO Laurent Pruvost said: “Because of our shared passion for quality and customer service, we are thrilled to welcome Coulot as part of our family. This latest integration makes a lot of sense.

“It allows us to keep enhancing our relationship with our customers by providing them with a single-source solution, from 3D-printing of implants to kitting of instruments.”

Established in 2000, Intech is engaged in the manufacturing of surgical instruments and implants, cases and trays, and silicone handles.