The parties have agreed confidentiality on the purchase price. The acquired company is JEDER, Dental Technology, Klosterneuburg/Vienna, Austria, which developed the innovative JEDER-system for implantologists.

With the help of the JEDER-system, a sinus lift in the upper jaw – otherwise a “dreaded” surgery – can be performed in an easy and almost painless manner. The procedure is completely minimally invasive for patients, without incision or suture.This gives the JEDER-system a convincing unique selling point in the market.

“The JEDER-System is a surgical device with economically attractive disposables – an ideal complement to our product range for dental implantology”, explains Michael Schlenk, CEO of curasan AG. “This will result in interesting cross-selling possibilities regarding our CERASORB Paste, which is perfectly suited for the combined use with the JEDER-system. ”

“The treatment method associated with the JEDER-system is regarded by experts as a future global standard procedure for the minimal-invasive sinus lift,” outlines Gregor Siebert, Head of Marketing and Sales at curasan AG.

“The technology has great future potential; it opens new markets for us and is a helpful door-opener at doctors and clinics we did not serve up to now. Furthermore, the simplicity of use offers also less experienced dentists access to this group of patients.”

The product package consists of a bone drill, pump and tubeset and has a CE-certification. Thus, it can be marketed in Europe straightaway. It is also listed in the US. Moreover, there is patent protection for various components in China, India and other countries.

Source: Company Press Release.