Established in 1999, OMNI is at the forefront of robotic-assisted knee replacement. The OMNIBotics is claimed to be a total knee replacement solution which combines a robotic cutting guide with a robotic tool to measure ligament function.

The system offers tailored positioning of the implant to suit each individual patient, result in less patient pain and faster rehabilitation.

Corin CEO Stefano Alfonsi said: “We are delighted to welcome the innovative and talented OMNI team into the Corin global family. We look forward to working together as a combined organisation to further develop our presence in the world’s largest market – the United States. With the combination of Corin’s unique Optimised Positioning System (OPS) for the hip and the OMNIBotics platform for the knee, Corin is now uniquely positioned to address functional patient-specific joint replacement.”

By acquiring OMNI Orthopaedics, Corin claims that it can revolutionize orthopaedics by gaining insights at every stage of joint replacement experience and offering clinically proven implants which are optimized by unique procedural technologies.

The combination of OMNIBotics and APEX knee replacement will allow Corin to accelerate its strategy.

OMNI CEO Rick Epstein said: “It is the perfect time to be part of a larger organisation that shares our dedication to improving the lives of individual patients through technological innovation. We are thrilled to be joining Corin to maximise the potential of our robotic solutions, adding another unique technology to their ecosystem.”

Last October, Corin Group agreed to acquire Global Orthopaedic Technology (GOT), an Australia-based orthopaedic implant designer and manufacturer.

Founded 19 years ago, GOT offers a range of orthopaedic implants including knee and hip products with enabling robotics and navigation technologies. It has operations in Australia and exports its products to the US.