Centurion Service Group CEO, Erik Tivin, said, “Centurion Service Group has grown to become a leader in medical equipment liquidation through our auction houses. With this acquisition, we are able to integrate this with a retail marketplace that allows the hospital to turn their end-of-life assets into new equipment, appraisals and services. We can now be a more comprehensive partner in the process of asset management.”

Edward Chan from growth equity firm 1315 Capital, which acquired Centurion Service Group in 2018, adds, “Combining the two business models is a unique opportunity to play a strategic role in a rapidly growing market. Hospitals are increasingly recognizing the value in treating end-of-life equipment as assets. With Ganim Medical, Centurion Service Group can better respond to this demand.”

Ganim Medical has built out a retail service model that is centered on the daily challenges of its clients. From equipment planning and decommissioning buildings to creative software solutions to maximize efficiency, Ganim Medical has set itself apart from its competitors. With the combined business model, Centurion can focus on providing a hassle-free solution to equipment disposal, strategic support to surplus asset management, good value for surplus devices, and a retail environment with new and re-furbished equipment options.

David Ganim, President and CEO of Ganim Medical, says: “The synergies between Ganim Medical and Centurion Service Group will provide our customers a level of expertise and service unrivaled in the healthcare industry. The efforts of Ganim Medical have found a great new home at Centurion Service Group.”

Centurion Service Group’s auction division sells over 100,000 pieces of surplus medical equipment every year. The new retail division will serve as a single source for healthcare providers to acquire a wide range of re-furbished and new medical equipment, continuing to reduce the environmental impact of surplus medical equipment throughout the world.

Source: Company Press Release