Broncus Hangzhou, a wholly owned subsidiary of US-based Broncus Group, has signed an equity transfer agreement to acquire the entire equity interest in Hangzhou Jingliang.

Hangzhou Jingliang is a manufacturing and intelligent production organisation.

It specialises in the processing and manufacturing of medical equipment as well as the development of software and hardware.

The acquisition is expected to supplement related technologies, such as robot control and driving system platform development, to Broncus.

This will enable the group to take advantage of the complementary resource integration and further strengthen the innovation of its existing interventional pulmonology diagnosis and treatment products offering.

Broncus already has core technological advantages, including research and development for flexible catheter products and fibre optic navigation, software, and algorithms of flexible transbronchial surgical robots.

Broncus is a medical device company engaged in the field of interventional pulmonology.

It develops a full suite of integrated platforms for diagnosis, treatment, and navigation in interventional pulmonology.

The company also offers physicians and patients worldwide accurate interventional diagnosis and treatment solutions for lung diseases.

Broncus’ advanced multimodal image automatic matching and integration technology helps in the operations of flexible lung surgical robots.

The use of natural orifice transluminal surgical robot products in the market is essential given the current demands for flexible operation in the small space of tracheobronchial lumens.

It also addresses clinical pain points and satisfies consumer demand, Broncus said.

Additionally, the acquisition is anticipated to improve the company’s efficiency and research and development capabilities, particularly about the flexible robot projects.

It will also enhance the current product offering of Broncus Group by integrating it with the company’s current interventional lung disease diagnosis and treatment methods.

Furthermore, it will help assemble a full life-cycle interventional pulmonology diagnostic and therapeutic platform.