Investment group Ariel Savannah Angel Partners (ASAP) has announced a successful exit from its most medically advanced investments.

The recent acquisition of InnAVasc Medical by W. L. Gore & Associates, caused the ASAP group to profitably exit their stake.

InnAVasc Medical manufactures medical devices with a special focus on the creation and development of solutions for vascular access for haemodialysis.

The angel investment group invested in InnAVasc during its early stage of development.

Both firms did not disclose the financial terms of the deal.

ASAP chairman Carl Francis said: “Our members saw the potential of this company’s technology and the opportunities in the growing haemodialysis market from the start, which is why we invested in 2020.

“Not only did our members realise multiples of their original investment in just two years, but the quality of life for patients on dialysis will improve through the use of this new technology. I’d say this investment was a big win for everyone involved.”

Using the money provided by ASAP and other early investors, InnAVasc created an arteriovenous graft (AVG) modification that features two cannulation pods with low bleed technology and is protected from posterior and sidewall needle injuries.

This graft has been created to reduce the possibility of unfavourable outcomes and device malfunctions brought on by frequent vascular access.

It currently makes it simple to locate a safe stick zone target and has considerably decreased the risk of problems and bleeding from repeated dialysis for both in-centre and at-home haemodialysis.

The Ariel Savannah Angel Partners targets to identify, assist, coach, and invest in outstanding fledgling businesses from their initial pitch through their development, scale-up, and successful exit.

The largest global association for the professional growth of angel investors, the Angel Capital Association, is a member of ASAP.