The company will use the funds to accelerate growth over the next five years with investments in product development, procedural based solutions and clinical research.

Jessee Hunt, CEO of 4WEB Medical said, “Our new partnership with SWK Holdings allows us to enter into our next phase of growth and development.  Over the past five years 4WEB has been focused on educating the medical device industry on improvements to implant technology derived from Advanced Structural Designs that are made possible by additive manufacturing.  Now that the surgeon community has adopted these concepts, we will be focusing on what’s next – fully characterizing the benefits that Truss Implant Technology  and Mechanobiology have on clinical outcomes.”

4WEB Medical has transformed the orthopedic implant industry by driving the utilization of implants with Advanced Structural Designs. 4WEB was the first company to receive 510K clearance to market a spine interbody fusion device manufactured with 3D printing technology.  Since that time over 40,000 of its devices have been implanted globally.

Winston Black, CEO of SWK Holdings commented, “SWK has evaluated many orthopedic medical device companies that are focused on improving patient outcomes following spine fusion surgery. 4WEB is uniquely differentiated from its peers, demonstrating through fusion studies that its Truss Implant Technology accelerates the healing process.  We are thrilled to partner with 4WEB and help drive this technology into its next phase of growth and development.”

Source: Company Press Release