Polyganics’ Neurocap nerve capping device protects the peripheral nerve end, separates it from the environment to avoid further damage and pain.

Introduced in 2016, Neurocap is a treatment option for end-neuromas, a swelling that occurs at the end of a nerve.

The Neurocap device is made from synthetic and transparent polymer, serves as an alternative to surgical procedures that are complex or need material of human or animal origin.

Polyganics said its agreement with Synovis MCA in the US will cover the entire country, helping to meet the increasing distribution demand for Neurocap and enhancing its availability for patients.

Synovis MCA president Michael K Campbell said: “We are committed to providing the latest surgical innovations to our customers, and Polyganics’ Neurocap ideally complements our existing portfolio of peripheral nerve repair products.

“We look forward to working with Polyganics to enable reliable access to Neurocap across the US and help surgeons provide patients with the best care possible.”

Polyganics claims that Neurocap is supported by strong body of evidence. Presently, a post-market clinical follow-up study is being conducted in the US and Europe.

The study will evaluate the clinical value of the device in the upper and lower extremities over a 2 year period of patient monitoring.

Polyganics CEO Rudy Mareel said: “The clinically proven Neurocap device provides a unique solution to the pain experienced by patients due to nerve damage. We continue to strengthen and expand the evidence for Neurocap with ongoing clinical studies.

“The initial interest in the product has been promising, and we are now expanding our NEUROCAP distribution network in the US to improve efficiency of delivery and consistency of product availability for surgeons and patients.

“We are pleased to be working with Synovis MCA with their renowned expertise and established sales networks within the sector.”