Sirona Medical has teamed up with AI-powered lung cancer decision-support software provider RevealDx to assist radiologists in the diagnosis of lung cancer.

Under the partnership, RevealDx will combine its CE mark approved RevealAI-Lung algorithm with Sirona’s unified radiology platform Workspace.

The integration is expected to help radiologists as it simplifies the process for implementing the AI model into practice, said the company.

Sirona said that the partnership is part of its strategy to empower AI developers and radiology practices with the essential infrastructure powered by AI.

Sirona Medical founder and chief executive officer Cameron Andrews said: “We are excited to welcome our first AI partner, RevealDx, to our RadOS platform as we believe radiology IT systems need to be fundamentally re-architectured, unifying the worklist, viewer, reporter, and AI onto one system, for AI algorithms to provide optimal usability and performance for vendors and physicians alike.

“With a modern platform, AI has the power to redefine the radiology work product. We look forward to partnering with other leading AI developers to create the novel tools and radiomics applications that will amplify the value of radiology.”

Lung cancer is a major cause of cancer-related deaths, where the early detection and diagnosis of lung cancer is important to increasing survival rates.

According to the company, radiologists require better AI tools for diagnosing lung nodules along with proper follow-up and long-term patient management.

Sirona has created a cloud-based radiology operating system (RadOS), and integrated its radiology IT applications worklist, viewer, reporter, and AI, into a single, platform Workspace.

Its RadOS platform provides radiologists with advanced AI-powered solutions that simplify their workflow and amplify their work product.

RevealDx is a Seattle-based software company that offers advanced, radiomics and AI-enabled, lung cancer decision-support software to improve lung cancer outcomes.

RevealDx chief executive officer Chris Wood said: “Sirona’s products have structural characteristics that allow them to do what other PACS cannot, making it easier to integrate our AI into the diagnostic process.

“Sirona is a critical partner for us as we begin our commercialization process here in the U.S.”