Medical imaging company Sectra has expanded its partnership with Region Västmanland in Sweden to deliver a digital pathology solution.

The Swedish healthcare region already uses Sectra’s software for handling medical images.

Region Västmanland has now signed the new contract with Sectra to digitise its pathology department.

The new digital pathology contract will enable the healthcare region to gain access to integrated diagnostics, which is said to be important in delivering efficient cancer care.

Region Västmanland medical diagnostics department chair Jonas Cederberg said: “We are excited to take the next step in our digitization journey toward a truly integrated diagnostic workflow.

“It is important that we can scale our solution at our own pace and Sectra’s solution allows this. We are also looking forward to equipping our pathologists with the tools that support us in our efforts to provide the best possible cancer care.”

Sectra to integrate its digital pathology solution with Region Västmanland’s LIS

According to the company, digital pathology allows pathologists to spend their time on more advanced tasks, by offering them with tools that are unavailable with a microscope.

Under the contract, Sectra will integrate its digital pathology solution with Region Västmanland’s laboratory information system (LIS).

The solution enables pathologists to get a complete overview of the patient history in one application.

In addition, the digital pathology solution allow workflow orchestration to drive the workflow according to sub-specialties, rules and priorities.

Region Västmanland has already deployed Sectra’s solution for handling medical images within radiology, mammography, and clinical physiology.

The solution has now been expanded to include approximately 10,000 pathology examinations per year.

Recently, the Mayo Clinic Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology has started the implementation of the Sectra digital slide review and image storage and management system to enable digital pathology.

The system has been implemented for the Mayo Clinic practice in Rochester for the first phase of the roll out.