The Kliniken der Stadt Köln (Clinics of Cologne) and Philips signed a 15-year partnership contract, under the terms of which Philips will be responsible for the delivery, upgrade, replacement and maintenance services of advanced medical imaging solutions to support precision diagnosis and therapy.

Philips will also help to improve the hospital’s radiology workflows to further enhance the quality and efficiency of its care, as well as patient and staff satisfaction.

Philips recently also signed an 8-year strategic innovation partnership agreement for medical imaging solutions, including healthcare consultancy services, with the Städtische Klinikum München (Munich Municipal Hospital) one of the largest municipal hospital groups in Germany.

Under the terms of the agreement with the Städtische Klinikum München, valued at approximately 50 million euro, Philips will provide the hospital with state-of-the-art imaging systems and clinical informatics.

In total, over 200 imaging systems throughout the hospital group will be renewed, making this the largest medical technology project for a single clinic in Europe. Philips will also provide its strategic consultancy services. Strategies will be developed and implemented to support the hospital in digitizing its operations and enabling seamless connected care across locations and medical disciplines.

In addition, department designs and care pathways will be analyzed with the aim of optimizing planning, technology utilization, clinical processes, treatment outcomes and patient and staff experiences.

Städtische Klinikum München chairman of the board of management Axel Fischer said: “The goal of the partnership with Philips is to jointly increase the quality and efficiency of care with a focus on enhancing the patient and staff experiences.

“By combining innovative technology concepts that address the evolving needs of our patient population with continuous improvement of our processes, we aim to ensure cost-effective care for patients in the Munich region over the long-term.”

The 8-year innovation partnership will be based on a needs-based concept that will integrate new state-of-the-art technologies intelligently, via a timely phased approach, into the hospital’s processes. It will help the Städtische Klinikum München drive optimum clinical and economic value from its technology investments.

Under the terms of the agreement with the Kliniken der Stadt Köln, valued at approximately 90 million euro, Philips will be responsible for the procurement of new and replacement medical imaging solutions, together with their maintenance and service.

The agreement covers all three of the clinic’s locations: Holweide, Merheim and the Children’s Hospital Amsterdamer Strasse. Philips will also provide strategy and operational consultancy services to identify cost savings and improve the quality and efficiency of care.

In addition to providing innovative health technology solutions and services, Philips will support the Kliniken der Stadt Köln with the planning of a new radiology-unit, including a new building construction in Merheim, and with optimization of the clinic’s operating procedures in radiology for children and adults.

Philips DACH market leader Peter Vullinghs said: “Through these innovative partnership models we will support the Städtische Klinikum München and the Kliniken der Stadt Köln to continuously improve delivery of care for their patient populations.

“These partnerships underline Philips’ transition to becoming an integrated solutions provider that takes a holistic approach to meeting its customers’ needs.”

As part of both agreements, Philips will install its IQon Spectral CT solutions in both hospitals. With its enhanced tissue characterization and visualization capabilities, IQon Spectral CT allows for more effective imaging and fewer repeat scans, improving clinical confidence and helping clinicians to make the right diagnosis during the first scan.

Philips’ latest healthcare informatics solutions will enable the integration of patient information across both hospital group’s locations to improve care team collaboration, clinical decision making, and patient outcomes.

Source: Company Press Release