OmniVision Technologies and Diaspective Vision have teamed up to develop MALYNA, an advanced endoscopic camera system.

The camera system will be based on the multispectral imaging technology.

The MALYNA system will leverage OmniVision’s recently launched OH08B CMOS image sensor, alongside additional OH08B sensor from Diaspective Vision.

The two sensors will be tuned to provide a 3D stereoscopy image, and the system provides indocyanine green (ICG) based perfusion visualisation.

In addition, the new camera system will also support algorithms for quantified perfusion and tissue categorisation eliminating the need of colour agent injection.

It can be used in laparoscopy, robotic surgery, and diagnostic endoscopy for intraoperative risk structure and potential tumour detection.

The MALYNA ICG is planned to be rolled out in Europe, in 2022.

OmniVision medical marketing director Tehzeeb Gunja said: “Imaging is a critical element for smooth and effective endoscopy procedures and surgeries. Multi-modal information leads to greater certainty in diagnosis and decision-making.

“High resolution, fast frame rate, high NIR sensitivity, excellent image quality and medically qualified imager sensor are the key improvements that help to achieve this goal.

“We are pleased to partner with Diaspective Vision to integrate our flagship medical image sensor with their innovative multispectral camera technology to enable dramatically new approaches to medical imaging.”

According to OmniVision, OH08B is the first eight-megapixel (8MP) resolution medical-grade image sensor to leverage its Nyxel near-infrared (NIR) technology.

The Nyxel technology is said to offer three-fold high quantum efficiency (QE) improvement at both the 850nm and 940nm NIR wavelengths.

The superior QE facilitates the use of lower-power IR illumination, leading to reduction in chip-on-tip power consumption, and enhanced patient comfort during procedures.

OH08B sensor is designed to be autoclavable to facilitate reuse of endoscopes, and can be used in gastroscopes, duodenoscopes, amnioscopes, laparoscopes and colonoscopes.

The OH08B sensor, together with Nyxel technology is said to provide superior image quality in both colour and IR imaging, and enhance imaging capabilities to the medical industry.

Established in 2015, Diaspective Vision is a Germany-based a medical technology company focused on spectral camera solutions for medical applications.

Diaspective Vision CEO Axel Kulcke said: “Known as the fifth dimension of medical imaging, the MALYNA is set to become a standard diagnostics tool like ultrasound, MRI and CT scans.

“It provides live imaging in addition to hyperspectral and multispectral imaging, which show the different perfusion parameters and risk structures of the tissue, as well as ICG imaging for cancer detection.

“This combination of different imaging procedures maximizes productivity during endoscopy, and would not be possible without the availability of OmniVision’s new high performance image sensors.”