Andrec Corporation S.A. is a multinational company that represents medical equipment, in particular, ophthalmic equipment and has offices in Bogota, Colombia, South America and Miami, FL. Andrec Corporation territories include Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile, Bolivia, Central America and the Caribbean.

“Our new partnership with LumiThera will allows us to offer hope to dry AMD patients in Colombia and Latin American. LumiThera’s Valeda Light Delivery System is an exciting addition to Andrec’s product lines,” stated Ana Maria Torres, Andrec CEO.  “LumiThera was granted CE mark authorization in the EU making Valeda the first approved treatment for people suffering from dry AMD, the leading cause of adult blindness worldwide.”

With the new partnership, LumiThera and Andrec are working on Colombia approval and into Andrec’s far reaching South American, Central American and Caribbean distribution network.

“The distribution agreement between Andrec and LumiThera is the first for Latin America and creates a collaboration with Andrec’s established customer base which includes, ophthalmological associations, ophthalmological clinics and hospitals, and freelance medical ophthalmologists,” stated Clark Tedford, Ph.D., LumiThera President and CEO. “Andrec provides innovative technologies to the ophthalmologist and we are excited to be working with them to provide our treatment for dry AMD to Latin America.”

Andrec is pleased to sponsor a symposia at the Asociación Colombiana de Retina y Vítreo (ACOREV) titled, “Innovation in the Treatment and Monitoring of dry AMD, The Role of Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Retinal Disease and Degeneration.”

The Valeda Light Delivery System therapy consists of a series of light-based treatments to the retinal cells, resulting in improved energy production and addressing inflammation, ischemia and metabolic dysfunction that contribute to the disease.

Source: Company Press Release