IXICO stated that the centre has been established as part of the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund and will be led by King’s College London.

The new centre will develop and train sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms from NHS medical images and patient data to offer tools for clinicians to speed up and improve diagnosis and care across several patient pathways including dementia, heart failure and cancer.

For achieving these results, the new centre will form a consortium with London universities, NHS Trusts, industry partners including global multinationals and UK-based SME’s and the Health Innovation Network.

The centre will focus on transformation and value-based healthcare and how advanced imaging and AI technologies can be leveraged for improving a patient’s journey.

In addition to government funding, the consortia partners have also made significant investments to use UK research strengths and clinical knowledge into becoming a leading industrial player in AI and healthcare.

As an SME partner, IXICO will offer its expertise in neuroimaging and data analysis and benefit from leveraging the centre’s unique infrastructure and collaborative framework to accelerate development of its innovative AI analytics solutions to support improved decision-making in neuroscience clinical development.

IXICO CEO Giulio Cerroni said: “We are excited to be selected to be part of this flagship UK Government initiative to ensure that UK science is at the forefront of the application and impact of Artificial Intelligence to the future of healthcare.

“The development and application of artificial intelligence technology will enable IXICO to develop highly valued, innovative solutions to our biopharmaceutical clients in support of their neuroscience clinical development programmes. We are looking forward to collaborations with other leaders across this expanding field of research.”

Last year, the company signed amendments to current contracts which expand the clinical trial services to two biopharmaceutical companies. The change orders have increased the combined contracts value to £2.35m.

The changes reflect an expansion of IXICO’s scope of PET and MRI neuroimaging clinical trial services, with the company offering additional specialist services during the contract period.