ION Manufacturing has unveiled ZnTech, a zinc fibre matrix, designed to generate microcurrent that could potentially kill coronavirus and other virulent pathogens.

According to the company, ZnTech can be used for various applications, including in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and both medical and consumer grade electroceutical fabrics.

The fibre creates sustainable electric field, without the need of wires or an external battery source and maintains its current regardless of frequent washings, said the company.

ION Manufacturing claimed that it is among the first US-based companies to market scientifically verified zinc-based antiviral technology.

ZnTech interacts with oxygen to produce microcurrent that kills viruses

According to the company, global demand for effective antimicrobial and antiviral wearable materials has increased in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic.

Most of the currently available antiviral technology employs chemicals that only retard or repel viral particles, or use coatings of other metals, including copper and silver, which are not capable of generating the microcurrent required to kill coronavirus.

The company has designed ZnTech with zinc, which is a proven safe and non-toxic element for use in materials that are placed directly on the skin.

To produce the microcurrent for complete elimination of viral pathogens, zinc fibre matrix interacts with exhaled moisture and oxygen, or oxygen from the skin’s surface.

The fabric was tested by Integrated Pharma Services, a pre-clinical and clinical research organisation. ZnTech has showed consistent antiviral activity against different respiratory viruses with 99.7% success rate, according to the company.

Furthermore, ZnTech facemask technology is designed to prevent the transmission of exhaled infectious droplets into the environment.