ZEISS Medical Technology has announced plans to unveil new ophthalmic innovations in its cataract and corneal refractive workflows at the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery conference to be held this month in Vienna, Austria.

The new technologies, which are part of the ZEISS Medical Ecosystem, are said to strengthen the position of ZEISS Medical Technology in ophthalmic diagnostic and surgical workflow solutions.

The ophthalmic innovations will also help advance the Germany-based company’s development towards fully integrated, data-driven healthcare.

A unit of Carl Zeiss Meditec, the company will showcase the new AT ELANA 841P trifocal intraocular lens, updated corneal refractive workflow for presbyopia management, and a hyperopia indication for Smile pro.

ZEISS Medical Technology also has plans to introduce the new Atlas 500 for cataract and corneal refractive workflows, and the updated ZEISS VISULAS portfolio with therapeutic laser enhancements and connectivity across different clinical workflows.

ZEISS Medical Technology digital business unit head and ophthalmology strategic business unit president Euan Thomson said: “Our long-proven legacy of innovation continues to meet the ever-evolving needs of healthcare providers and the billions of patients they serve around the world.

“As we continue to extend our position in digital ophthalmic solutions, ZEISS is proud to unveil our latest workflow innovations that are helping to transform the way surgical care is practiced today.

“We’ll continue to invest in data-driven solutions that enhance clinical decision making and help set new standards of care within the cataract and corneal refractive workflows.”

The new AT Elana trifocal intraocular lens is intended to enhance patient satisfaction. It combines the ZEISS trifocal technology on a glistening-free hydrophobic c-loop platform and a fully preloaded injector for safe implantation.

Another offering to be showcased at the conference is the ZEISS Corneal Refractive Workflow for presbyopia management. The ZEISS Presbyond workflow addresses individual requirements and visual challenges for presbyopia patients.

Additionally, the German firm said that it will launch hyperopia indication for SMILE pro by expanding its Laser Vision Correction (LVC) portfolio beyond myopia treatment.

The company said that the next-generation corneal topography system, ZEISS ATLAS 500 is suitable for both the ZEISS corneal refractive and cataract workflows. It is designed for anterior eye segment, and offers precise corneal topography, dry eye assessment, and pupillometry.

Furthermore, the updated ZEISS VISULAS therapeutic laser portfolio is indicated to offer advanced capabilities for safe and effective treatment.