Zebra Medical Vision, (https://www.zebra-med.com/), the deep-learning medical imaging analytics company partners with Clalit Health Services, the largest mandated health service organization in Israel, to become the first in the world to bring cloud-based imaging AI to a large scale HMO. This joint collaboration promotes both sides’ vision of using AI to bridge between data, radiologists, and referring physicians, optimizing patient care, higher workflow efficiency and cost reduction.

With 4.5M insured members covering over 60 percent of the Israeli population, Clalit is the largest provider of public and semi-private health service in Israel and the second largest HMO globally. Over the past six years, Clalit and Zebra-Med have established commercial and data-sharing collaboration, ultimately resulting in Clalit spearheading the global adoption of artificial intelligence in medical imaging, as a means for driving innovation.

Zebra-Med and Clalit’s extensive work over the past 6 years has led to significant milestones: The organizations jointly announced a software algorithm which uses existing CT data to identify candidates for bone density screening, allowing earlier identification of patients at higher risk of Osteoporotic fractures. Later on, the partners worked to implement Zebra-Med’s Coronary Calcium Scoring algorithm. The algorithm, capable of automatically calculating a patient’s Agatston equivalent coronary calcium score from non ECG gated CT scan, provides physicians with important data used in the assessment of the risk for coronary artery disease.

To solve the global supply vs. demand problem in radiology and help radiologists and health providers manage the ever-increasing workload without compromising quality of care, Zebra-Med provides a broad portfolio of AI solutions for various medical findings in three different modalities. Therefore, must provide ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and product adjustments in a faster and easier way, without having the need for customer’s specific on-premise access.

“Clalit has changed the face of medicine and the healthcare system in Israel, and we are extremely fortunate to be the chosen as partners in its journey to become the first HMO in the world to implement a cloud-based imaging AI solution for the benefit of its members,” says Ohad Arazi, CEO at Zebra Medical Vision. “As a leader in population health management, Clalit leads the early detection and community care for Osteoporosis. Our ongoing work with Clalit Research Center has brought to life the A-based algorithm for predicting osteoporotic fractures.”

“The role that AI plays in managing population health supports our value of ‘prevention is better than cure.’ We believe imaging-based population health for the prevention of chronic diseases is the new frontier in medicine,” says Dr, Arnon Makori, MD, MHA, Director of Imaging Informatics in Clalit Health Services. “Implementing such a wide-scale solution in a large-scale enterprise requires maximizing the implementation of a scalable AI technology, ultimately leading us to move toward a cloud-based service, where Zebra-Med is our trusted partner.”

Source: Company Press Release