Xstrahl and Washington DC-based C&C Irradiator Service are announcing a partnership to supply next generation X-ray irradiator systems to replace cesium sources across the U.S.

Used throughout the world, with hundreds in the United States, Cesium-137 is a radioactive source used in equipment such as older generation radiotherapy systems and irradiators. However, it is a potentially dangerous radioactive isotope that is difficult to dispose of safely and responsibly, and its potential use in a terrorist attack also causes concern.

“The ability to supply much needed safe alternatives to traditional cesium systems is a great step forward in making the world a safer place,” says Adrian Treverton, CEO of Xstrahl. “With ever increasing concern over security of irradiators, we’re happy to be able to supply a safe and financially beneficial alternative.”

Significant advancements in technology in recent years have yielded safe and effective alternative non-radioactive X-ray devices that are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Replacing cesium-137 irradiators with these X-ray devices has both security and fiscal benefits: It requires less security and doesn’t require expensive disposal at the end of the machine’s life cycle.

The agreement between Xstrahl and C&C provides a full replacement solution from decommissioning an existing gamma irradiator to the installation of an incoming X-ray system, facilitating a smooth transition from one irradiation technology to another for facilities across the country.

“C&C Irradiator Service wanted to work with a partner that offers an exceptional line of X-ray systems and can provide bespoke commissioning services for their clients’ needs,” says Chad Gunther, chief operating officer of C&C Irradiator Service. “We are very excited to team-up with Xstrahl and are looking forward to what the future holds.”

The Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Office of Radiological Security (ORS) is working with domestic users of cesium-137 based irradiators who are interested in converting to viable non-radioisotopic alternatives. The Cesium Irradiator Replacement Project (CIRP), offered by ORS, provides qualified sites who are interested in making the switch with a financial incentive towards the purchase price of a new non-radioisotopic device, as well as the removal and disposal of the cesium irradiator.

Source: Company Press Release