XRP Healthcare, a pharma and healthcare platform, and Spiritus Medical have forged a partnership to advance the healthcare system in Africa through the introduction of advanced medical technology.

Under the partnership, both firms will integrate the SPIRITUS VITALITY Ventilator into recently acquired medical facilities in East Africa, starting from Uganda.

Developed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the US, the SPIRITUS VITALITY Ventilator is expected to address the lack of conventional ventilators in Africa.

XRP Healthcare said that the system has undergone extensive testing and evaluation to guarantee its dependability and effectiveness in the treatment of patients who need mechanical ventilation.

The original design was granted Emergency Use Authorisation by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The SPIRITUS VITALITY Ventilator is said to offer a new way of providing ventilatory support to the healthcare sector as it can fit easily in a variety of settings, including high-capacity healthcare facilities and field hospitals.

By using the device, urgent equipment shortages can be resolved by saving expensive full-featured ventilators for the most extreme situations, said XRP Healthcare. Its simple design with minimum parts makes assembling and maintenance simple.

Additionally, its simplified design ensures economical mass production, guaranteeing the ventilator’s affordability and accessibility.

XRP Healthcare founder Kain Roomes said: “This momentous partnership, aligned with Spiritus Medical and their relationship with NASA, demonstrates our commitment to providing healthcare for all, worldwide.

“Our collaboration will help combat severe respiratory diseases, saving lives in Africa and beyond.”

XRP Healthcare Africa, a division of XRP Healthcare, will provide the SPIRITUS VITALITY Ventilator to both private and public healthcare facilities throughout the continent of Africa.

XRP Healthcare will integrate the technology into African healthcare facilities to enable the medical staff to handle respiratory issues with accuracy and effectiveness.

The SPIRITUS VITALITY Ventilator will be sold by XRP Healthcare using its native utility token, XRPH, on a decentralised marketplace to make advanced healthcare solutions available to a larger audience.

Spiritus Medical co-founder and president Joseph Swantack said: “Our NASA-designed Ventilator will be crucial as a more affordable solution in countries such as Uganda to help combat the many respiratory diseases which will ultimately lead to saving lives.”