Surgical implant maker Xenco Medical has announced the nationwide launch of the first injection-molded titanium foam spinal implants pre-attached to disposable, composite polymer instruments, the CancelleX porous titanium lumbar interbodies. Inspired by cancellous bone, Xenco Medical’s CancelleX lumbar interbodies feature interconnected porosity throughout each implant and break new ground in the application of injection molding to the manufacturing of titanium spinal implants. Designed to promote bone apposition and facilitate vascularization, the bio-inspired titanium foam implants by Xenco Medical feature high compressive strength. Sterile-packaged, each CancelleX implant is the first titanium foam implant of its kind to come pre-attached to a disposable, composite polymer delivery instrument.

Featuring a remarkable strength to weight ratio, excellent biocompatibility, and the ability to produce capillary action throughout its structure, the titanium foam interbodies by Xenco Medical were developed by leveraging advanced manufacturing technology. Unlike traditional instruments that are reused in hundreds of patients until a mechanical failure, the disposable Xenco Medical instruments attached to each titanium foam implant are optimally calibrated and sterile-packaged for patient-specific use.

“Optimized for energy absorption and bone ingrowth, the interconnected network of pores that permeate each CancelleX porous titanium implant serve to achieve bone-like mechanical properties,” said Xenco Medical Founder and CEO Jason Haider.

With the single-use, composite polymer instrument and titanium foam implants locked together in each sterile package, the Xenco Medical systems are designed to both increase efficiency in the OR as well as eliminate the internal logistics associated with the autoclave process. Existing at the intersection of materials science and biomechanical engineering, Xenco Medical’s single-use spinal systems are the first polymer-based devices of their kind. Developed to streamline the surgical supply chain, Xenco Medical’s single-use instruments and corresponding spinal implants are designed to be both lightweight and easily transportable.

Source: Company Press Release