Providence is monitoring patients suffering from COVID-19 symptoms using Xealth’s digital health platform to deliver Twistle’s care automation and remote patient monitoring platform. More than 700 positive or presumptive positive COVID-19 patients are already being helped with this solution at home, keeping patients safe and preventing additional stress on hospitals, emergency rooms and front-line health care teams.

This solution protects and relieves overburdened health care professionals while also giving patients peace of mind and a safety net for communication while they recover at home. Xealth is providing the underlying platform for automation and integration into the provider EMR workflow. The Xealth/Twistle solution was deployed from a standing start to production in four days.

Providence is currently treating one of the largest number of patients who have been diagnosed with or are at risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus, largely because of its significant presence in Seattle, an epicenter of the pandemic.

“In the current environment, we have a large population of patients who are concerned and experiencing symptoms that may or may not be indicative of COVID-19,” said Dr. Todd Czartoski, Chief Medical Technology Officer for Providence. “Incorporating Xealth and Twistle into our clinical operations extends the reach of our front-line caregivers – enabling us to give them leverage to monitor patients effectively and efficiently – while keeping patients safely at home.”

The home monitoring solution is a component of Providence’s digital strategy to help address the crisis which includes a COVID-19 Hub microsite to help educate patients by providing accurate and timely information, Providence’s self-assessment tool called Grace, and virtual visits using Express Care Virtual. Patients who are exhibiting symptoms but are well enough are given a thermometer and pulse oximeter and are monitored from home by Providence’s remote patient monitoring team using the Xealth/Twistle solution.

“Remote health technology is essential to balancing scarce and precious health care workers with conscientious care and monitoring,” said Kulmeet Singh, Twistle’s CEO. “When this crisis arose, we wanted to help all patients in need, which means ensuring frontline health workers can focus on clinical care. Our company mission includes #patientsfirst, so when this crisis emerged, we were all hands on deck devoting all our energies and assets to help.”

“We will not flatten the curve until we give patients solutions to receive care no matter where they are,” said Mike McSherry, CEO and co-founder of Xealth. “Xealth’s core value is that we can help health systems rapidly onboard new digital tools and new use cases as well as extend care teams’ ability to monitor and treat patients within current EMR workflows regardless of the location of the patient. Providence is an innovator, especially during these unconventional times, and we are proud to be able to quickly assist our partner health systems.”

Twistle’s simplicity allows health professionals to focus on learning the new COVID-19 diagnostic and treatment information coming out daily, and on helping patients with this knowledge. Twistle’s platform allows for nearly real-time updates of the messaging logic and content, so it can keep up with rapidly changing guidelines. The platform also is designed for rapid deployment, as demonstrated by this partnership with Providence.

“We continue to be inspired by our patients who tell us every day they feel safer at home because of this program, especially in these times of fear and panic. Health care teams came together and worked above and beyond to implement tele-home monitoring for COVID patients within a matter of days,” said Sherene Schlegel, executive director of clinical operations for Providence Telehealth.

Source: Company Press Release