US-based medical technology firm XACT Robotics has received FDA clearance for a modification to its already cleared XACT ACE Robotic System for clinical ablation procedures.

The system is intended to aid in robotic insertion and guiding of ablation probes during ablation procedures, according to XACT Robotics.

FDA’s authorisation expands the company’s existing portfolio for CT-guided percutaneous operations.

XACT Robotics said that the system is designed to integrate image-based procedure planning and real-time monitoring with hands-free precision robotic insertion and non-linear steering.

By facilitating rapid and accurate probe placement, the XACT ACE Robotic System helps health systems to save time and enhance the overall operational efficiency, according to the company.

The robotic insertion and non-linear steering enables the delivery of instruments to a chosen spot in the body, overcoming obstacles like size, depth, movement, and impediments.

XACT ACE Robotic System also has the potential to improve a user’s ability to provide patients with a more timely and accurate diagnosis, reducing the waiting period and improving outcomes.

The technology is said to have achieved a 1.7mm tip to target average accuracy on the first insertion, with an average skin to target time of less than 8.5 minutes.

XACT Robotics founder and executive chairman Harel Gadot said: “Ablation procedures are challenging to many users in terms of the accuracy and time required to place the ablation probes.

“The proven ability of our system to reach relatively small targets, regardless of target movement or obstacles, with unparalleled accuracy and one insertion to target will provide better patient outcomes with greater efficiencies.

“Moreover, with the addition of the newly cleared ablation capabilities, we can now provide even more value to our partners by increasing the utilization of our system.”

In July 2020, XACT Robotics announced that its XACT ACE Robotic System was cleared to market in the US for CT-guided percutaneous procedures.