Vonco Products LLC, an industry leader in contract manufacturing of liquid-tight medical fluid bags and components for custom medical device applications, has positioned itself as a vital contributor in the fight against COVID-19 as the company pivots to produce desperately needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in addition to its existing lineup of infection prevention products.

To meet the increasing demand for pandemic-fighting solutions, Vonco has relied on its dedicated team of associates who have each gone above and beyond the normal call to duty.

“We’ve had two straight months of record demand,” said Keith Smith, president and CEO of Vonco Products. “As the country battles COVID-19, we’ve adapted to meet the critical needs of first responders, nurses, doctors, and scientists working on cures and vaccines, all of whom are the true heroes during this pandemic.”

Smith added, “Our associates have really stepped up to meet this crisis head-on. It’s a testament to Vonco, and our core value of caring for each other and our customers, that we continue to meet this increasing demand while upholding the highest quality standards. I am so incredibly proud of our associates.”

With production at a record pace – the Vonco production floor operates 24-hours per day for 13 out of 14 days to stay ahead of demand – the company has instituted several programs to reward its team members and help keep them safe from the virus. In addition to bonus and incentive opportunities the company practices social distancing.

“We’re actively interviewing and hiring,” said Smith. “If you’re looking for work, we have a rewarding opportunity to join a safe, fast-growing company creating critical products to help us conquer this crisis.”

Vonco is seeking approximately 20-25 new associates to work in their Trevor, WI facility. Positions for both day and evening shifts are available.

Vonco launched new products to meet the COVID-19 demand, including hand sanitizer in stand-up spouted pouches, and PPEs such as isolation gowns, food service gloves, and shoe covers. These, in addition to Vonco’s standard infection prevention products – form-fitting medical device covers, multi-compartment specimen collection bags, and 95kPa biohazard transport bags – position the company as a leader in the fight against COVID-19.

Source: Company Press Release