US-based artificial intelligence (AI) company has rolled out its latest cardiology software solutions under the Viz Cardio Suite, with an aim to speed up and enhance patient access to innovative cardiovascular treatments.

According to the firm, the cardiology suite makes use of AI-powered disease detection, care team coordination, and workflow optimisation to drive efficiencies in delivering cardiovascular care. said that Viz Cardio Suite streamlines care pathways by enhancing patient identification, creating workflows tailored to individual diseases, and connecting patients with healthcare providers at each stage of their medical journey.

The cardiology suite features a mobile electrocardiogram (ECG) viewer to easily access and view all 12-lead ECGs flowing through the health system, compare ECGs to previous ones, and share high-quality ECGs through a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant app.

It also includes a mobile and web cardiac imaging viewer and a pre-PACS chest CT viewer. Besides, the suite comes with an in-application cardiology consultation, patient data acquisition with the integration of cardiovascular information system (CVIS) and electronic health records (EHR), and complete AI-structured echo reports in partnership with CEO Chris Mansi said: “ is fast becoming adopted across U.S. health systems as the system of action. The comprehensive Viz Cardio Suite brings these capabilities to cardiovascular disease, where optimal patient outcomes often depend on the patient reaching the right therapy fast.

“Not only does the Viz Cardio Suite leverage AI to detect more disease in more patients, but it also accelerates the care pathway.

“This can improve quality of care for patients and working practices for cardiologists, while at the same time increasing hospital revenue and reducing overall healthcare costs.”

The Viz Cardio Suite is said to enhance’s position in cardiology along with its US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared AI modules for pulmonary embolism, Viz PE.

Recently, the firm partnered with to integrate the latter’s echocardiogram viewing and measurement tools with the Viz Platform.

The Viz Platform is said to be a smart care coordination solution that uses AI to identify more patients with a particular disease, provides information at the point of care, improves care pathways, and helps improve outcomes.