Vivior offers an innovative service for all customers and patients that require a solution to improve their vision. Their objective behavioral data supports experts like ophthalmic surgeons, optometrists, opticians and others to offer personalized solutions to their customers and patients.

The specific solution will be customized to the customer’s and patient’s lifestyle and visual needs.

“We are excited to launch our product in the United States and can offer our service to eye care professionals who want to get the best possible vision performance for their patients. Vivior will be available soon for all optometrists and ophthalmologists,” says Paul Soye, Ph.D. MBA, member of the board of Vivior.

“After testing our service in multiple settings and starting the market introduction in Europe, we are now ready to expand this through multiple partnerships with distributors, clinics and practices for a truly global reach. It is an exciting time at Vivior,” explains Mario Stark, CEO of Vivior.

Additionally, Vivior is happy to announce the appointment of John Frantzis as Chief Commercial Officer, USA. John, who has significant commercial experience in the eye care sector was previously VP Global Sales at Avedro, Inc.

Vivior is a Swiss digital health start-up founded in 2017 by a group of experienced eye care professionals. The company offers a novel wearable device – the Vivior Monitor – to objectively measure visual behavior prior to vision correction interventions.

The system collects daily activity data from customers and patients, processes these data in the cloud, and analyzes the lifestyle patterns using machine-learning algorithms.

Source: Company Press Release