California-based biopharmaceutical company Vivera Pharmaceuticals has launched BIOZONE, an advanced device intended for sanitisation in high occupancy settings.

The BIOZONE device is designed to combine advanced facial recognition, integrated biometrics, and a hospital grade organic sanitisation mist, to detect body temperature, assign custom profiles for users.

The device leverages FDA and EPA approved hypochlorous acid (HOCl) mist, which provides resistance against different of pathogens and is safe for people in all age groups.

HOCI has long been used for wound care, infection control, and disinfection in clinical settings.

Vivera Pharmaceuticals chief medical officer Stephen McColgan said: “Public health requires a stepwise approach to comprehensive Covid-19 containment. Safety in public spaces requires more than wearing a mask.

“Reopening schools, offices, and venues means a high volume of people in high-touch spaces. A comprehensive approach is paramount.”

Vivera has recently established Medical Technologies division

The company said that its new sanitisation device BIOZONE is best suited for use in densely crowded public places and capable of accommodating up to 300 individuals per hour.

The devices can be customised to address the specific needs of different facilities.

Also, it is working together with its partners to develop full-scale screening and prevention programmes to support the fight against Covid-19 pandemic.

Recently, Vivera has added Medical Technologies division to its existing pharmaceutical, medical device, and health and human service divisions.

The company is offering its BIOZONE device for a various types of industries, including healthcare, education and others.

Vivera Pharmaceuticals CEO Paul Edalat said: “Technology like BIOZONE is central to closing the gap between safety and restoring confidence in workplaces and public venues again.

“Vivera’s Medical Technologies Division is just getting started with innovative solutions. Deployment has begun overseas, and we are excited to bring this concept to the United States.”