US-based biotechnology company Vibrant Wellness has unveiled its latest Vibrant Wellness Toxin Genetics Test to design individualised detoxification plans.

Vibrant Wellness has designed the Toxin Genetics Test to evaluate genetic biomarkers, important to the detox process of the body, supporting healthcare professionals in making personalised detox protocols.

The lab test is the latest addition to the biotech firm’s portfolio of tests designed to detect potential health risks and develop personalised healthcare solutions.

This test is intended to measure specific genetic biomarkers associated with the body’s metabolic detoxification process.

Vibrant Wellness lab director Mervyn Sahud said: “With the Toxin Genetics Lab test, we’ve made a significant stride in the field of personalised medicine.

“This new tool offers a unique chance for healthcare professionals to not only assess toxic burden but also design effective detoxification protocols based on each individual’s unique genetic makeup.”

“With the launch of the Toxins Genetics Lab Test, we further affirm our commitment to enable healthcare providers to discover the root of patient health issues.

“Through our precision lab tests, we aim to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy vibrant health and longevity, based on testing – not guessing.”

Along with the Toxin Genetics Test, Vibrant offers also offers assessments for environmental toxins, heavy metals, mycotoxins and PFAS chemicals.

The firm’s testing, which uses patented 3Dense microarray technology and mass spectrometry for improved sensitivity, specificity, and scalability, is said to be the industry standard for accuracy in functional lab testing, the biotechnology firm said.

According to the American firm, the body’s ability to detoxify depends on a few specific genes, and when these genes are abnormal, the detoxification process can be compromised.

This impairment is related to health conditions like cancer, autism, Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, and immune dysfunction syndrome, Vibrant Wellness added.