Vessel Medical, a provider of medical workflow solutions, supplies, and equipment, introduces their new and innovative Lab in a Box. Turnkey equipment that includes everything needed for professional laboratory level diagnostics, Lab in a Box is set to radically change the landscape of COVID-19 testing. Developed by leading scientists and technicians in partnership with Hamilton Company, Thermo Fisher, Grenova, and award winning diagnostics laboratory, Premier Medical Laboratory Services, Lab in a Box enables a high capacity of onsite diagnostics for hospitals, expanding laboratories, schools, and large companies in need of quick and accurate testing results.

Each turnkey lab solution includes the latest cutting edge technology that is pre-validated – all that is required is a brief onsite validation before testing can begin. With precision robotic instruments, lab in a box has high throughput liquid handling along with automated, custom-programmable pipetting that decreases human error and result turnaround time. Additionally, Vessel Medical’s Laboratory Information System (LIS) that is included reduces the result analysis time while increasing capacity exponentially.

“We developed Lab in a Box with the goal of providing the most efficient solution for companies and organizations to provide quality COVID-19 testing,” said Kevin Murdock, Founder of Vessel Medical. “This equipment conveniently provides the most cutting edge technology for accurate testing while saving time and money. We’re happy to help protect businesses, organizations and the people who work for them.”

At a time when many companies are losing revenue due to COVID-19, in-house testing with Vessel Medical’s Lab in a Box will allow for millions of dollars annually saved in testing expenses. For example, a company that processes 3,000 tests per day saves just under $200,000 per day when compared to outsourced testing. And, companies that process 12,000 tests per day save up to $600,000 per day with this turnkey equipment.

The key features of Lab in a Box help companies to begin testing and to maintain a testing flow uninterrupted. Aside from COVID-19 assays, companies, expanding labs, and organizations can easily pivot their workflow to include detection of other common pathogens as well as genetic testing with upper respiratory, antibiotic resistance, pharmacogenomics, cancer risk screening, Flu A & B, and Std/UTI assays.

The following options are available for purchase of Lab in a Box to suit various organization sizes and needs:

  • The Tomahawk processes up to 1,000 tests per day and is designed for smaller organizations
  • The Maverick processes up to 3,000 tests per day and is designed for start ups
  • The Missile processes up to 6,000 tests per day and is designed for medium sized organizations and expanding labs
  • The Patriot processes up to 12,000 tests per day and is designed for high volume testing


Source: Company Press Release