US-based biotechnology firm Vaxess Technologies has secured funding from National Science Foundation (NSF) and a subcontract from the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop mRNA-based single-dose and refrigeration-free vaccine patch.

The funding will be provided to two separate projects that will mainly focus on the development of mRNA-based vaccines and other medical countermeasures with the ability to bypass the cold-chain in a painless patch format.

Based on the achievement of all milestones, total funding will be provided up to $2m, including a $256,000 phase I SBIR grant from the NSF.

Vaxess will use the financing to enhance administration of new mRNA-based vaccines and other medical countermeasures.

The company will incorporate mRNA-based vaccines and gene modulators through a collaboration with the Santangelo Lab at Georgia Tech into MIMIX patches for the administration of the vaccines.

MIMIX is painless and shelf-stable patch

MIMIX is a painless and shelf-stable patch that uses a patented sustained release technology. The patch, which can be self-applied, will help improve protection.

The patch is designed to deliver medicines and vaccines through multiple tiny and painless projections, which dissolve at an accurate engineered rate and release the treatment at its most effective dose.

Silk Protein Matrix patented technology allows the patch to avoid the use of ultra-cold chain logistics, thereby helping to easily distribute in times of pandemic outbreaks.

In addition, the patch is compatible with a range of Covid-19 vaccine candidates.

Vaxess co-founder Livio Valenti said: “Funding from the NSF and DARPA represent a renewed commitment from the Federal Government to support the development of novel vaccines to combat the current pandemic and future threats.

“Vaxess will continue to be a source of innovation to address some of the most pressing challenges we are facing today and in the years to come.”

In September 2020, Vaxess Technologies joined forces with Medigen Vaccine Biologics (MVC) to develop a combined Covid-19 and influenza vaccine patch.