Variantyx announced today that it will be presenting its Genomic Unity Epilepsy Analysis testing program at the American Epilepsy Society (AES) annual meeting December 7-9 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Its Genomic Unity whole genome sequencing (WGS)-based testing service, available to clinicians since 2017, has been instrumental in resolving many complex patient cases. It pairs the patient’s complete DNA sequence with proprietary data analysis algorithms to detect genome-wide small sequence changes, structural variants, mitochondrial variants and tandem repeat expansions – all within a single assay.

Variantyx recently launched its in-silico panel program as an extension of its services in order to provide greater ordering flexibility for clinicians. The program includes Genomic Unity® Epilepsy Analysis, an in-silico panel that specifically targets seizure-associated genes.

“Obtaining a molecular diagnosis for epilepsy patients with a genetic etiology is challenging,” states Dr. Nelson Sanchez of Neuro Network Partners. “It requires balancing the type of variants and breadth of genes covered by a test versus its cost, which often leads to repetitive testing. Having access to a single test that offers an epilepsy-targeted analysis with the option to reflex up to a whole genome-wide analysis is very exciting.”

Source: Company Press Release