Chinese medical equipment maker United Imaging Healthcare has unveiled its next-generation uMI Panorama family PET/CT systems and uExcel integrated molecular technology platform.

The updated version of wide bore uMI Panorama family of products includes the uMI Panorama, the uMI Panorama GS, and the NeuroEXPLORER.

The uMI Panorama device comes with a 2.9mm NEMA resolution, 35cm axial FOV, 143cps/kBq effective system sensitivity, and 194ps timing resolution, providing superior performance.

United Imaging said that the system has recently been installed at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, US.

The uMI Panorama GS, named after the term Gold Standard, was developed to set the gold standard in molecular imaging and advance whole-body PET imaging.

As a lead product of the uMI Panorama family, uMI Panorama GS is an FDA 510(k) approved PET/CT system with a 148cm axial Field of View (AFOV)

It facilitates whole-body imaging in a single-bed position, enables both functional and anatomical imaging, and redefines quantification accuracy for lesion-detection precision.

The long axial FOV PET/CT system breaks the sub-200ps limitation for the first time, said the Chinese medical device company.

United Imaging said that its NeuroEXPLORER (NX) is an advanced DOI-TOF PET/CT scanner supported by the BRAIN initiative grant, created in partnership with Yale, the UC Davis.

Used in combination with uMI Panorama, uExcel is an advanced molecular imaging technology platform integrated with both hardware and software components.

The uExcel helps the uMI Panorama improve image outcomes, even in challenging scan conditions, using its deep learning iterative reconstruction.

The platform enhances system performance, imaging capabilities, and overall functionality.

Building on its AI technology, the uMI Panorama family offers rapid scans with reduced doses while simultaneously enhancing imaging quality and consistency across all clinical settings.

Furthermore, its portfolio of medical imaging products will support clinical and research studies, said the Chinese medical device company.