Twist Bioscience, a US-based manufacturer of Synthetic DNA and DNA products, has launched Twist Human Methylome Panel, which will help detect methylation fractions in a wide range of applications.

The panel can be used to find biologically relevant methylation indicators by identifying a comprehensive, collected set of CpG sites across the human genome.

It offers overall cost savings over typical array-based or whole genome bisulfite sequencing techniques while also covering previously unknown methylation markers.

The Twist Human Methylome Panel can also be used as a first-pass discovery tool for methylation biomarkers that can then be used in more targeted liquid biopsy panels.

It is designed to capture and detect the genome’s most recently discovered and relevant CpG methylation sites.

Twist Bioscience said that the high capture efficiency boost the sensitivity of detection and the panel achieved a depth of coverage of 90% of bases at 30x coverage with high probe specificities of 95% on-target rates.

Twist Bioscience CEO and co-founder Emily Leproust said: “With the customisable Twist Human Methylome Panel, we are able to cover four times the amount of CpG sites compared to average microarrays.

“Using our NGS-based panel provides a higher dynamic range, allowing more accurate identification of differentially methylated regions, which we believe will enhance research-based assays and diagnostic tests that incorporate this dynamic tool.”

Leproust added: “Previously, when identifying methylation markers, researchers had to choose between a low-cost, static option or a very expensive panel that covers a significant portion of the methylome, but often more than needed.

“As technology progresses, the compromise that researchers need to make between cost and coverage becomes less and less.”

In February last year, Twist Bioscience partnered with Berry Genomics to offer a new NGS solution to advance research and precision medicine.