US medical device firm Turn Therapeutics has secured FDA approval for Protego Antimicrobial Wound Dressing, a disruptive technology to displace traditional petroleum saturated gauze dressings.

Protego,is expected to offer the same experience as traditional, petroleum saturated gauze dressings, and provide additional benefits in broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection against bacteria, fungi, and yeasts.

CEO Turn Therapeutics Bradley Burnam said: “Protego is a disruptive innovation on a nearly-century old standard of acute and chronic wound care, including post-surgical care. Clinicians will now have the means to dress wounds with a non-adherent contact layer similar to traditional, petroleum saturated gauze, but with broad-spectrum, antimicrobial protection.

“We think it could be possible to convert the current market from the traditional standard of care to Protego based on the clear added value Protego could bring to wound care.”

PermaFusion technology is a petrolatum-based, liquid-in-oil suspension technology

The company has designed PermaFusion technology as a petrolatum-based, liquid-in-oil suspension to accurately fuse the liquid and oil. The active ingredients are permanently locked within the lipid carrier, suspended in liquid nanodroplets with an average size of 1.3microns.

Turn Therapeutics said that its PermaFusion facilitates delivering maximum bioavailability, with a minimal concentration, indicating lowered side effects.

Protego wound dressing has been designed as single-use, sterile, antimicrobial gauze dressing soaked in Hexagen, the company’s petrolatum-based wound care emulsion created based on PermaFusion technology.

The company said that Hexagen has showed positive results in acute and chronic wound management at leading institutions across the country, since years.

Recently, the company has closed its fully-subscribed series B financing, to fund a large-scale, pre-launch, phase 4 trial for AtopX Eczema Emulsion, and also support advancement of additional infectious disease and dermatology programs based on its advanced PermaFusion technology platform.

Turn Therapeutics said that it is a research and development organization focused on advanced products for infection control, skin disease, and wound care for healthcare institutions.