Molecular diagnostics company Transplant Genomics has launched a blood-based gene expression test called TruGraf Liver for providing guidance for optimising immunosuppression therapy in liver transplant recipients.

The new diagnostic test uses gene expression biomarkers to validate immunological quiescence and rule out organ rejection.

Transplant Genomics claims that TruGraf Liver is the first diagnostic tool for liver transplant patients that uses gene expression data, driven by its proprietary technology and machine learning for delivering the earliest and most precise assessment of immune quiescence.

According to the firm, the gene expression test provides biomarker information to help doctors optimise immunosuppression in transplant recipients to achieve a better balance between graft rejection and adverse effects.

TruGraf Liver is said to assist doctors in confirming immunological quiescence during immunosuppressive optimisation in patients having steady transplant functions.  The non-invasive blood-based reduces the risk of overt graft injury because of rejection.

In September 2021, the company launched a new combination biomarker panel called OmniGraf for renal transplant recipients.

Transplant Genomics is a transplant rejection diagnostics company focussed on enhancing organ transplant outcomes. It is part of the Eurofins network of companies.