Air Queen, known for its FDA 510k approved surgical respirator N95 equivalent, has taken this same technology to produce the AirBon mask, which is specially sized for children.

TopTec, a leading South Korean manufacturer, recognized that COVID-19 has created challenges for parents when seeking to adequately protect their children. As such, they took their FDA 510k approved surgical respirator nano-filter technology and changed the sizing so that it would fit the smaller faces of children.

Many children are using masks that are sized for adults which reduces the protection they receive.  Furthermore, many children are using cloth masks or 3 ply versions of the masks which are substantially inferior when compared to the protection provided by the AirBon.

As quarantines are being lifted, children are beginning to interact on a more regular basis. Soon schools will reopen creating further sources of exposure to children. All of this is occurring at a time when risk levels are increasing. To help parents navigate the potential risks to their children AirBon is now available on at a price less than $3 per mask.  So not only does it provide substantially greater protection to children but does so at an affordable cost.

The technology behind the AirBon is the same as the Air Queen, which uses a highly advanced nano-fibre material to provide extreme protection (in excess of 97% particle filtration) while simultaneously allowing for advanced breathability and comfort.  The materials used for the AirBon are the same as the ones in the Air Queen which has an FDA 510k Approved surgical  respirator (K172500) with a use indication allowing it to be “worn by operating room personnel during surgical procedures to protect both the surgical patient and the operating room personnel from transfer of microorganism, body fluids and particulate materials.”

While the children’s AirBon clearly isn’t designed for the surgical room like the Air Queen, parents can be reassured that their children are using the same protective technology to help prevent their kids from contact with COVID-19 and other harmful contaminants.

Source: Company Press Release