Israel-based in vitro diagnostics company Todos Medical announced the first commercial patient samples under its Long COVID Panel biomarker partnership.

The partnership was signed between its CLIA/CAP certified lab Provista Diagnostics and a CLIA/CAP certified laboratory Amerimmune Diagnostics.

The patient samples were requested by Long COVID Clinic RTHM (Real Time Health Monitoring), collected at a Quest Diagnostics centre in the US and shipped to Amerimmune’s lab in Virginia for processing.

Provista, based in Atlanta, Georgia, has been subcontracted to perform the cPass neutralising antibody and total antibody portions of the panel, and Amerimmune will use the results in their report to the RTHM doctor.

Medicare and commercial insurance both provide coverage for the different biomarker tests that are a part of the Long COVID Panel.

Additionally, RTHM doctors will now monitor biomarker data with the Long COVID Panel and are collaborating with Todos subsidiary 3CL Pharma on its Tollovid 3CL protease inhibitor immune support supplement case study series.

In order to confirm the apparent patient benefit, Long COVID Panel data will eventually be added to Todos’ ongoing Tollovid case study series.

Todos aims to use the information obtained from the case study series and continue the IRB-waived market research study to assist customers with the dosage of Tollovid.

Additionally, the firm is planning a controlled Tollovid Phase 2 study.

RTHM chief medical officer Dr Jennifer Curtin said: “We are really pleased to see the pieces coming together to allow for our evaluation of Tollovid as a potentially important supplement product for Long COVID.

“We have had patients who have experienced tremendous results on Tollovid and others who did not benefit as much.

“As such, we are now looking to expand our evaluation of immune biomarkers in Long COVID to better understand which patients may benefit from Tollovid alone, or potentially in combination with other products, so that we can add key objective data to the clinical data we are gathering for each patient.”