Medical technology company Thinklabs Medical and Canada-based eMurmur have entered into a partnership for a new remote auscultation system to provide advanced auscultation capabilities.

The system is said to be based on Thinklabs’ One Digital Stethoscope and the cloud-based auscultation platform of eMurmur.

The pocket-sized digital stethoscope and auscultation software is intended for remote heart and lung sound monitoring.

Thinklabs claims that the stethoscope is one of the smallest and highest audio-quality digital stethoscopes on the market.

Using eMurmur’s auscultation software, healthcare practitioners are expected to effectively screen, diagnose, and consult on heart, lung, and bowel health whether in a hospital, clinic, or at home.

Thinklabs CEO Clive Smith said: “We are excited to be able to offer these additional capabilities to our customers globally.

“The eMurmur software is a great complement to our stethoscope for clinicians who are doing telemedicine, want to take their analysis even further and for those who need to collaborate more closely.”

The Thinklabs One stethoscope is expected to open new possibilities in remote monitoring of patients when combined with eMurmur’s digital auscultation platform. It can be used for asynchronous specialist consultations, bedside auscultation teaching, home-based heart and lung health screenings, and remote virtual auscultation for telemedicine.

EMurmur CEO Andreas Schriefl said: “The unique design of the Thinklabs One digital stethoscope, paired with our eMurmur software, makes it a great system for tele- auscultation.

“Remote listening and recording, combined with digital auscultation records enables providers to provide better distanced care for their patients.”

Thinklabs digital stethoscopes are said to be used in hospitals, acute care centres, clinics, nursing homes, schools, and other healthcare sites for in-person auscultation as well as telemedicine.

EMurmur collaborates with hardware and telehealth providers for integrating high-definition auscultation technology into healthcare practice for in-home, in-clinic, or virtual care.