The white paper provides insight on,

  • How to identify opportunities for outsourcing at each stage of the journey to market
  • What kind of services can be outsourced in medtech
  • Benefits of hiring freelancers
  • Tips to hire top freelancers in medtech


The whitepaper elaborates on the key functions where medical device freelancers are helping companies revolutionize and innovate, right from regulatory compliance to product development. It also educates on the benefits of outsourcing, with remote working playing a huge part in facilitating the advent of the freelance working model amongst academics.

Freelancers are beginning to play major roles in the various facets of the process of taking a medical device to market. For instance, regulatory writers can help design a foolproof compliance document that helps companies build an effective regulatory strategy. Product consultants can help shape the design and development of key medical device products.

The whitepaper also details the key services medical device freelancers offer on Kolabtree, a guide on how to go about hiring these freelancers and best practices whilst engaging with freelancers. This includes key information on data security and confidentiality, and how Kolabtree guarantees that your project information is kept private and secure whilst engaging with freelancers. This also encompasses payment protection, ensuring safe facilitation of payments made to freelancers through the Kolabtree platform.

Read more on the role of freelancers in med tech by downloading the whitepaper here